A Review from Flight Training Magazine:

Charles Hester in Arlington, Virginia commented on Captain Zulu's Quick Reference for Pilots:

"I bought this book two weeks before my private pilot checkride and read it in its entirety in just a few days. It ended up being an almost perfect refresher of all that I had learned in my private pilot training. It really helped me get my confidence up before going into the oral exam portion of the checkride."

A Twitter comment by Travis Ammon:

"A great pilot refresher for all aviators in this new book from
 Captain Zulu!"  @TravisAmmon

Captain Zulu's Quick Reference for Pilots briefly achieved a ranking of #28 on the Apple iBookstore list of the 50 best selling non-fiction digital books.

A note from Phil Boyer, Former President, AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association:

"Captain Zulu's Quick Reference for Pilots is a great reference for the student pilot.  Great illustrations and cartoon characters also."

Rob France in New South Wales, Australia writes:

"Captain Zulu is a great source of reference information for private pilots and students alike."

A nice email from DCR PROPERTIES LLC :

I used the digital version as a student pilot, and review it as a private pilot, and was still waiting for the print version (which should be leather bound as is any classic treasured piece of work).

Any word on when it will be in the printed version?"

From Mike Falls, Sr., Chief Pilot, Shortstop Aviation:

"Take Captain Zulu and a Sectional Chart with you on your next visit to a desert island.  In a week or two, you will have mastered most of the book learning needed to become a Pilot."